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Treat Yourself – 4 Natural Cold Remedies


  • Stay Hydrated

Drink as much water, tea and juice as you can. Your body needs to flush that pesky mucus from your body. This will help with your stuffy nose.





  • Get Friendly with Chicken Soup

Your granny was right! Chicken soup has compounds that act like an anti-inflammatory. Breathe easier as the soup soothes your stuffy nose.




  • Take a Honeyed Approach

A spoonful of honey can help suppress coughs and tastes much better than cough syrup.





  • Get Toasty with Lemons

Roasted lemons are a delicious cold and cough remedy. Roast them until they crack open, then mix the juice with brown sugar and fresh pineapple for immediate and decadent relief.




Do you know of any other natural remedies? 




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