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We accept all major credit and debit cards. The subscriptions auto-renew every month.

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We offer three types of subscriptions; the first, called ‘Brush Up’,  includes 12 Group Live Lessons per month. Full access to our LangO Library, interactive feedback from both your very own dedicated Mentor and other Teachers, 24/7 Language and Tech Support, Mentor Chat and access to LangO Life. The second subscription, called ‘Total LangO Immersion’, includes 12 Group Live Lessons as well as 2 One-to-One private sessions with your very own dedicated LangO Mentor. The subscription also includes full access to our LangO Library, interactive feedback from both your very own dedicated Mentor and other Teachers, 24/7 Language and Tech Support, Mentor Chat and access to LangO Life.

Our third type of subscription is our Tailored Corporate Subscription. This includes unlimited weekly Group Live Lessons, full access to the LangO Library, unlimited One-to-Ones, and LangO chat support. We offer dedicated team training, custom progress reports and Corporate LangO visits.

Great question! Your subscription renews every month, so if you do want to cancel, make sure you do this before the renewal date. If you want to cancel or reschedule your lessons, make sure you do this 25 hours prior to the starting time of your booked lessons, this way it does not count towards your subscription and you can reschedule anytime for free.

We offer refunds for 7 days after signing up. This gives you a week to figure out if it you are happy with us. We will only refund you your week if you haven’t already had a free trial with us.

Great question! When you sign up for a free trial, you will get 7 days access to all our Group Live Lessons, One-to-One live lessons and all the other features. Once the week is up, your subscription will automatically renew. We hope you’ll stay onboard with us!


Live Lessons

The Group Live Lessons are 45 minutes long and they are taught by 1 highly-qualified teacher. A lesson will have up to 5 students in it. You will join the live lesson through the LangO platform through any device, smartphone, tablet or desktop/laptop. The One-to-Ones are private lessons between you and your Mentor. These lessons are 30 minutes long and they can be used to work on anything you want.


Here is a list of the minimum requirements:

– Operating system: Windows Vista, 7 or 8, Mac OS X 10.4 or higher, Linux. RAM: 1 GB. – Processor: 1 GHz or higher.

– Supported web browsers: Mozilla Firefox 13.0 and above. Google Chrome 10.0 and above. Apple Safari 5.0 and above (OS X only). Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 and above.

In order to be able to use LangO, you need a reliable, high speed internet connection. We recommend at least 1 MB upload and download speed. You can easily check your speed here: www.speedtest.net.


A LangO language specialist will call you as soon as your account has been set-up and we will take through the steps of booking your live lessons, using the LangO platform and making sure you have no technical difficulties. We will also assess your English level to make sure you’re in the right lessons and levels.

It is a course that never ends! This means you can begin the course at any time without missing out on any fundamental learning concepts.

You will be taught the core building blocks of the English language. LangO has carefully designed a bespoke programme allowing you to become fully immersed in order to become proficient in English really quickly!

You can book in your Group Live Lessons with any teacher you’d like. We recommend trying as many teachers as possible so that you get the full benefit of speaking with people with different accents and teaching styles. You will have the same mentor through your entire with LangO. You will do your One-to-One’s with this mentor who will help guide you towards your goals.

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