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5 Reasons to Eat Dark Chocolate

#1 It’s nutritious.


Dark chocolate is surprisingly rich in fibre, magnesium and copper. Finally, we have a nutritious food that is also delicious!




#2 It can improve blood pressure.


Studies show that cocoa contains compounds that improve blood flow and lower blood pressure. Although we cannot eat tons of sweets if we have high blood pressure, a daily dose of dark chocolate can be a good thing!




#3 You will look younger.


Cocoa is rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants fight disease like cancer and slow the aging process. Who doesn’t want to have a young and healthy glow?




#4 Your arteries will be clean.


Dark chocolate keeps cholesterol levels low in your arteries, preventing heart disease. Keeping your arteries clean just got a bit sweeter!




#5 You will be more intelligent.


Research shows that eating dark chocolate improves brain function. Use a bit of chocolate the next time you have brain fog. The effects are quick and painless!








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