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LangO for Corporates

We work closely with companies to help teams improve their level of English depending on their job position and individual needs. We offer a 1-month free trial in order for your team to see the benefits as well as to see if it’s a good fit. Please get in touch with us!

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How do we work with companies?

Custom courses and teachers

We will go through your internal English language needs in terms of departments and roles and then create a proficiency roadmap based on custom teachers and content.

Individual learning pace

We understand that learners want to learn at their own pace which is why we offer custom learning paces and the ability to pause/freeze courses during certain peak/holiday seasons throughout the year.

Business English and General English

We offer both General English based on the CEFR topics and levelling in addition to specific Business English courses. Additionally, if there are custom content requirements we work with the client to create these in order to create a bespoke package.

Group live lessons every week.


Stage 1

We will do an analysis to understand the English language needs internally and create roadmap based on goals and needs for each learner and department.

Stage 2

We offer a 1-month free corporate trial which includes 12 Group Live Lessons and 2 One-to-One Live Lessons per learner.

Stage 3

LangO provides feedback and progress for each learner in Grammar, Listening, Speaking and Writing in both General and Business English.

Stage 4

LangO creates individual roadmaps for each learner based on CEFR and Guided Learning Hours in order to help learner reach desired proficiency level.

Stage 5

During the contract stage we measure each learner's progress and report back to client and learner through client dashboard and custom reports.

Stage 6

Once the course is completed LangO will issue a guaranteed certificate of proficiency for each learner.

Bespoke learning packages

When we work with companies, we tailor the learning journey to each learner’s individual needs and pace, meaning we give the learner the flexibility to choose how many hours they’d like to learn each week and month, and which lessons they would like to do, e.g. on-demand lessons, Group live lessons and One to One’s. We create a roadmap for each learner depending on course duration and proficiency goal. This way, the learners get each their custom and bespoke learning experience.

We also offer One-to-One live lessons with a dedicated LangO Mentor. These lessons is where the learner will really focus on key individual skills, if they’d like to improve their sales, meeting, presentation or negotiation skills for example, this is where we will hone in on these key areas. We have an extensive library of specific skill and topics which the student can choose from, otherwise, the student can also determine which topics and concepts they’d like to focus on during each One to One lesson.

We offer a non-linear 52-week course with 365 on-demand courses, where learners can focus on improving their key skills in Grammar, Listening, Writing and Speaking. Our curriculum is a non-linear one which means there is no start/end date so you can bring your teams on anytime you like.

Here at LangO, we’re a firm believer in that learning should be fun and it should integrate into your everyday life and routine. This is why we create all our content from scratch and in bite-sized chunks. We use a lot of animation videos and html5 games and activities in order to increase engagement and interactivity. All responsive.

LangO offers Group Live Lessons in both General English and Business English. The General English lessons are broken down into key skills: Grammar, Listening and Speaking in 3 different levels from the CEFR: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. We build the General English skillsets in weekly practical and usable themes taken out of the CEFR and European Council guidelines. Additionally, as we offer each skillset in isolation it gives the learner the ability and flexibility to get their level right.

When your team joins LangO they will be assigned their own dedicated mentor who will join them on their personal learning journey in order to keep them motivated and learning. This mentor will be the person who will monitor each learner’s progress, making sure they’re working on the right areas during their One-to-One’s and their Group Lessons.

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  • 12 Group Live Lessons per learner/month
  • 2 One-to-One Live Lessons per learner/month
  • 52-week non-linear course
  • Dedicated Mentor
  • 24/7 Mentor and General Support
  • CEFR Self-Level Assessment
  • Unlimited Group Live Lessons per learner/month
  • Unlimited One-to-One Live Lessons per learner/month
  • 52-week non-linear course
  • Custom One-to-One Lessons
  • Dedicated Mentor
  • 24/7 Mentor and General Support
  • CEFR Self-Level Assessment
  • Unlimited Group Live Lessons per learner/month
  • Unlimited One-to-One Live Lessons per learner/month
  • Custom Group Live Lesson Content
  • Custom One-to-One Lessons
  • Custom Course and Assessments
  • 52-week non-linear course
  • Dedicated Mentor
  • 24/7 Mentor and General Support
  • CEFR Self-Level Assessment
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