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Our Philosophy

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The premise of LangO is simple. We believe learning should be fun and exciting, which is why we've built our curriculum around you! It's engaging, interactive and fits around your needs. You get a dedicated mentor, somebody to hold your hand through your English learning journey. This is truly the best way to keep you motivated and keep reaching for your ultimate goal, namely English proficiency!

Another key cornerstone in our pedagogy is that we believe in total immersion, which means that you will always be speaking in English. This might sound scary, but we guarantee this is the most effective way to learn a new language. Imagine a child learning a language for the first time. Why do they learn so quickly? Because they totally immerse themselves and have absolutely no shame in making mistakes. This is the environment we create at LangO too.
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No Boundaries

You can’t learn without making mistakes. We want our students to feel free to learn naturally by using the language without fear of making mistakes. Here at LangO, we’re here to help you succeed, so speak, make mistakes and get closer to your goal with each lesson!

What we strive for

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Flipped Classroom

Our LangO Library gives you the opportunity to learn and prepare before class. This gives you the power to understand key concepts by watching videos and reading articles, which frees you to use what you’ve learned in our Live Lessons.
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Mentors and Support

Your mentor will be your guide through your journey with LangO. We recommend two One-to-One sessions each month so that you can work to pinpoint areas of opportunities with someone you trust. Our teachers have mentors too, so you can be sure that your teachers are constantly growing and learning, just like you!

You will receive 24-hour support via LangO Chat. Feel free to ask for help if you have difficulty accessing your materials or booking in your lessons. You can ask language related questions too!
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Have Fun Whilst Learning

We never want you to feel bored or to feel that your classes are a chore. We have worked endlessly to make sure the lessons you receive are both engaging and of the highest quality. Remember, no boundaries! If you think of a way that your lessons could be more fun, let us know as we are always open to your feedback.

Meet the Team

Team members

Roman Berezhnoi

Front-end Genius

Roman is our dedicated front-end genius. Originally from Ukraine, he is a master of HTML/CSS/JS and PHP.

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Vanessa Lopez

Creative Designer 

Vanessa joined the LangO team in 2015 as a Creative Designer. Not only has she has built LangO’s brand, she has also brought LangO to life through its fun visuals.

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Katie Hughes


Katie founded LangO in 2013. She  facilitated English to corporations and thus became inspired to incorporate English learning into an e-learning lifestyle.

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Nils Helset


Nils founded LangO and started at its very inception with Katie in 2013. Nils has e-learning and LMS operational experience.

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Lindsay Slack

Senior Content Superstar

Lindsay, an American native, has been instrumental in building the LangO curriculum from the ground up, making a world class English course.

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Chelsea Duncan

Senior Instructional Magician

Chelsea uses her magic wand to create our gamified content interactive, helping bring our courses to life.

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Adrian Sarmas

Senior Back-end Wizzard

Adrian, a Romanian native, has has been the backbone of our development at LangO. He makes sure there are no icky bugs in our code and keeps LangO running smoothly from behind the scenes.

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Adrian Dinu

System Architect Genius

Adrian is our Systems Architect and has over 11 years of experience as a Linux System Administrator, Adrian specialises in Server/Network Infrastructure design, Deployment, Ongoing Administration/Maintenance and Emergency Support.

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Georgia Gallon

Senior Content Wizard

Georgia helps us bring the LangO Pedagogy and our way of teaching through life in the curriculum and lessons. 

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Jake Tangkay

Client Success Manager

Jake is one of our Client Success Managers who oversees our corporate trials and new business development. 

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Gareth Morcombe

Client Success Manager

Gareth works closely with our strategic partnerships and corporate network development.

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Janika Merquita

Account Manager

Janika is key to helping the LangO team stay organised, she helps all of us from our trial commitments through content. 

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“Learning with LangO is awesome. I've made some friends along the way.”

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Vanessa López

Events Manager

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