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Learning English will not only improve your business and social skills, it will allow you to build bridges, deepen your intercultural understanding, help you see more sameness than difference in the faces around you, and inevitably make the world a kinder, more connected place.

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What is LangO

LangO has one simple aim: to help you to reach your desired level of fluency in the English language. Unlike other applications, we don't just give you exercises to work with email support, we hold your hand throughout your learning journey, from start to finish, giving you useful metrics along the way in order to help you reach your full potential.

Live Lessons

You get three 3 of our tailor-made Group Live Lessons per week. This is where you can put your newly learned preparation skills to practise in a real life English conversation in small groups with your teacher.

One-to-One Mentoring

You are assigned a highly qualified teacher to act as your English mentor to help guide you on any areas you need to improve or want to practise more. We recommend at least two One-to-Ones per month. You can set them up directly with your Mentor through our LangO Chat! Easy-peasy.

LangO Library

We have a fantastic library full of resources to help you prepare before your Live Lessons.

Give feedback

You will be given the opportunity to give feedback on both your LangO learning journey and the people that help you through it.

How Does LangO Work?

Group Live Lesson and One-to-Ones are booked around your schedule. You are able to prep yourself with our bite-sized activities in our LangO Library.

Your own dedicated mentor

A dedicated LangO mentor will guide you and hold your hand throughout your entire English learning journey

Measure your progress

LangO gives you the ability to measure your progress on a daily basis

Flipped classroom approach

Weekly assignments and homework in your very own LangO Library

LangO Life

With LangO, you will meet people just like you, who are learning English for the very first time!

Our Courses

  • All our courses work around biweekly themes. This helps bring English to life! You will be able to use key learning objectives straight after a lesson. For example, talk about the weather with a colleague, or talk about current events at a dinner party.
  • LangO ensures all skills are developed through our 3 lessons types: Grammar, Listening and Speaking. You won’t be lectured to, nor will you learn grammar from a textbook. You will learn grammar communicatively and in context through discussions and by playing games. Our listening lessons include comprehension games, as well as pronunciation exercises like tongue twisters and poems. Learn new vocabulary and conversation pieces during our speaking lessons. Learn step by step and build up to real conversations.
  • Are you great with speaking but struggle with grammar? Are you good at listening but have little opportunity to speak? Our levelling system allows you to be at a level that works best for you in each skillset.

LangO Life

“Learning at Lango is so simple. All I need is my laptop or smartphone.”

Torsten Hilbert

Marketing Manager

“LangO has helped me get my dream job! It has been such a fun learning experience and I love microlearning!"

Eliseo Moises


“The reason why I love LangO so much is because I have been able to take what I learn in the LangO classroom and use it in my everyday life!”

Isidora Branimira

Middle School Teacher